Figuring out which needle I used

Help! I started a baby blanket and it’s in squares. I had the gauge perfect and put together some of the square. I put it down 2 months ago to get some Xmas stuff done. Now I can’t figure out which needle size I used because I used a different one than the pattern called for. So far I’ve made 2 squares and they’re both HUGE and I went down quite a bit from the original size. I guess I can keep going down needle sizes but, is there an easier way to figure it out?

The only way I can think of is to keep doing what your doing…just keep trying different needle sizes… instead of making more squares though I would just CO knit for a bit with one size…then the next row knit so many then yo, K2 tog…knit so many yo, k2to create a divider… and then start with a different needle… save you from starting over and then you can just frog the whole thing at the end and re-use the yarn… some times if I’m using a 4 then I create 4 Yo’s… then if I go to 3s I creat 3 yos…that way I know what needle size I’ve used…

I’m sorry you have to do that I know it’s time consuming and annoying…:hug:

Good luck. :slight_smile: If you are anything like me you can get a totally different gauge with the same yarn and needles at a different time. Also consider that a needle made of different material can give a completely different gauge. And…the same yarn in different colors can give you a different gauge even with the needles you used before, even on the same day. Gauge can be such a stinker. LOL