Figuring out short-row heel

is there a set number for this? i checked silver’s class (thanks silver!) and the heel turn says to P to 2 stitches beyond the center before doing the dec and turn, but then how do i know how many to go back for that 1st K row. i know after that it’s just back and forth to the last turn until all stitches are worked, but is it always the same? i have 14 stitches so for row 1, i would p9, p2tog, p1, turn, sl1, then k ?


Here’s a post that I wrote loooong ago asking the same question. Silver said that after the first turn, you always knit 5. So that would be ‘turn, slip 1, knit 5, SSK, K1’ for the second row. Hope it helps.

thanks so much! after i posted, i was sitting here attempting the math in my head and the 5 made sense, but of course wanted confirmation since we’re talking my thought patterns here. :wink: thanks again!

No problem. :smiley: