Figuring out how much to cast on using a smaller needle

I would like to use a smaller needle to knit my blanket to make the blanket tighter…How do I figure out how much to cast on using the smaller knitting needle to make the blanket the same size?

[color=indigo]If using the long tail cast on: About three times the width of the item you are knitting. Or wrap your yarn around your needle ten times. That’s approximately the amount ouf yarn needed for ten sts. Do the math to figure out how many inches for the total number of sts you are casting on. Then add 6 to 8 inchs for JIC (Just In Case) so you don’t run out.

Or, you can use a knitted CO or cable CO and not worry about it at all. Check out the videos in Basic Techniques located at the top of your screen to see these options.[/color]

If I understand your question correctly, you’re trying to figure out how many stitches to cast on?

For example, if your pattern as written is for a 36" blanket and the gauge is 5 stitches/inch you’d cast on 180 stitches. If you’re changing needle size downward, the first thing to do is a gauge swatch. (This will also help you decide if the fabric you’re getting is tight enough or too stiff.) Once you know your gauge with the yarn and needles you’ll be using, then it’s just a matter of blanket width X stitches per inch: ie: 36 inches X 7 stitches per inch = 252 stitches to cast on.

One other thing to consider is the number of stitches involved in the stitch pattern, if any. For example, if my pattern for 180 stitches was 5 stitches seed stitch, 10 repeats of a 17 stitch pattern, 5 stitches seed stitch = 180 stitches, I would probably either cast on 248 stitches (10 for seed stitch borders, 17 stitches X 14 repeats = 238 stitches). Or I’d add 2 seed stitches to each border and get: 7 seed, 238 pattern, 7 seed = 252.

This way you get the same ‘look’ to the blanket as the original, and can make it however wide YOU want.

Sometimes I think the “planning” can be part of the fun of any project - and you get a FO customized by you! :happydance:

Have fun with your blanket! and

Happy Knitting xxx xxx xxx