Figuring out cast on for edging stitch pattern

I am taking the petite shells edging from Knitting on the Edge and using it for a cardigan instead of a 1x1 rib. It says this:

Beg as a multiple of 5 sts plus 2 and end as a multiple of 4 sts plus 1

My cast on for the cardigan pattern is 165sts which IS a multiple of 4 sts plus 1 (the end result of the edging) but how do I figure out how many sts to cast on if I’m using this edging instead of what the pattern asks for???

I did figure it out, mostly by trial & error, and guessing. There must be an easier way :thinking:

Well, you did more than we did! I couldn’t get my head around the two sets of numbers.

There are A LOT of stitch patterns in that book (Knitting on the Edge) that give descriptions like the above.

I’ve, uh, always, um, been rather fond of ribbing. :shifty:

:roflhard: Ingrid!!

I can simply not make a pattern precisely as it is written, I must always change something and seeing as I’m not particularly fond of ribbing and I do have this newfound love for lace, I thought, why not!!!

Go for it! I prefer ribbing over math, that’s all.

We’ll let you figure out all the logistics of adapting the lace patterns and then we can all come to you for help. :thinking: Yep, that sounds like a plan to me!