Figuring out Cable panels?

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 I have a ton of cable patterns.  I'm wanting to make about five panels to put together for an afghan.  Most cable patterns have different stitches and rows to repeat so how do you figure how to put them together to make a panel?  Do only certain ones go together?  This would be my first attempt at trying something like this.

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I think you just need to figure out the least common multiple of all the repeats in your different stitch patterns. For example, if you have one that has a 3 row repeat, and one that has a 4 row repeat… if you make 12 total rows, you’ll have 4 complete repeats of the 3-row, and 3 complete repeats of the 4-row. Does that make sense? Figure out what number of rows you can divide all your repeats evenly into.

Thanks, Abbily…I have [I]tons[/I] of cable patterns…I guess I just have to decide how I want to do this and on what sort of size needle, etc…a bit daunting but kinda exciting too :smiley:

Definitely both daunting and exciting! :slight_smile: I am currently knitting a sweater that has 3 different cables in it… two larger ones, and one very narrow one that is used as a separator between the larger ones. To me it gives it a little continuity… and it’s a 2 row repeat, so not hard to work in .:slight_smile: Good luck, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

For ease of working it does help if you use row repeats that are divisable into the largest number. If largest is 24 row rep, you could have 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 row rep options but you certainly want balance (don’t want something really tiny offsetting something really big). If you chose something with a 16 or 18 row rep your starting point wouldn’t fit w/in the 24. Not impossible but just more diff to keep track of. Also helps, horizontally, to have a field of sts…moss, seed, etc…to set off the cabling. And sometimes small vertical lines help define spaces (twisted Ks, 2-st cables).

Sometimes best to mock up little swatches of each st pattern you’re planning to do and lay them next to each other. Move them around, alter the no of row reps if necessary to allow for more visual harmony. If you have a cable with 22 row rep and everything else is divisable into 24, you could prob add 2 rows to the 22. You can also chg cables to your liking. Want it taller, wider?

Look at pics of cable combos you like. Try switching out their choices with some of your own.


Thanks for the solid advice as well, cam :slight_smile: