Figuring out a pattern without the pattern

Hey everyone. I really want to make a hat that I don’t have the pattern for. Well, at least a replica of it.

It looks like it has a cable on either side. If anyone could help me come up with a pattern to make a hat like that, or knows of a pattern, I would really appreciate it!

Found this on Rav:

Do fewer cables, add ribbing.

Your pics show a rather vintage style with no shaping (worked flat or as tube). Thus, you might want to check some of the vintage patt sites. But it’d be super easy to replicate just working rib, than transitioning to the side cabling and rib. Gather and add pom-pom.


Ah, that looks like a pretty good pattern to base off of, thanks! I’ll see what I can come up with, it’s pretty simple at least so it shouldn’t be too hard even though I’m not very advanced yet.