Figuring it out

Hi all!

so I’m pretty excited I’m figuring this crochet thing out. I realized that you have to insert the hook under both sides of the “V”.

Also according to my co-worker who crochets (but only the double crochet), I’m doing it waaaay too tight. I’m a tight type A knitter, so this doesn’t surprise me.

But here’s my question. My co-worker says I’m holding the hook wrong. I hold it like I’m holding a knife, and getting ready to cut meat. She holds it like she is holding a pencil. I know that with knitting people hold needles differently (for example I knit VERY close to the point). So am I holding the hook “wrong” or does it matter. Because my crochet practice today is looking nice, albeit tight.

no you are not doing it WRONG!!! I hold it like you do and it turns out just fine thank you! LOL! the two standard ways are knife and pencil. For me, the knife way is easier and faster. but its just like the continental/english/combined argument. whatever works!!

I didn’t think your swatch looked overly tight- but making it looser helps even it out and makes it easier to add rows/ edges. I think you are doing great.

if you look at some learn to crochet books they will almost all say either way to hold the hook is fine. :slight_smile:

I use the pencil hold, but I have read that the knife hold is easier on the wrist for those who have wrist problems.

Ok, here is my new swatch. The one in which I’m going under both sides of the “V”. I think it looks MUCH better.

I say, hold the hook however you feel comfortable. So long as you’re able to manipulate the hook and yarn in a correct manner (as in pulling up loops and inserting hooks…) then go for it! I hold it like a pencil, simply because i’ve had surgery on my wrist which causes it to ache if I hold it like a knife. It’s like knitting. You have to find whats comfortable for you. :slight_smile:

Your swatches look good! Sometimes, a pattern will request that you only work in the back loop. It creates an interesting ribbing effect, but isn’t always as strong.

Are you practicing your singles, half doubles, doubles and trebles? If you know those, you can do ANYTHING! :smiley:

I hold my hook like you do, I tried the pencil way but was uncomfortable. You are doing great! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all who are helping, giving positive comments!:yay::cheering::woohoo::woot:

I practiced the other stitches, double, treble, etc. last night, but I was going though the back loop. I want to practice again doing it the “right” way under both “v” loops, but don’t think I’ll be able to tonight. Sigh.

Keep it up!! Practice makes perfect!! :yay:

Congratulations. Your new swatch looks great. :woohoo: I’m a knife holder also. I am left handed, but hold the hook in my right hand. I just could not hold it like a pencil. But holding it like a knife is second nature since I actually cut my food holding the knife in my right hand. I actually laugh at people who cut with their dominant hand then switch the fork back to eat. I can just keep cutting and eating without changing hands. :teehee:

I crochet both ways. I figure if my hand gets tired holding the hook one way, I just hold it another way . I switch between and my hand does get a bit of rest doing it.:happydance:

I was taught to hold mine like a pencil, which I do most of the time … BUT I’ve learned that sometimes it’s more comfortable to hold the bigger hooks like a knife. Figured that out when I was doing Tunisian crochet with the really long hook.

About your going under both “v” loops … you’re right in that most of the time patterns will call for this method. But sometimes you will see patterns call for going only “through the back loop” which will give you a little ridge. Just thought I’d give you a heads up so if/when you ever see that in directions, you’ll realize you already know how to do that! LOL

Looking good! :yay:

I’m a ‘knife holder’. Never realized there was any other way.

Just finished a pattern that was worked in the round that called for working in front loops on one pass and the back loops on a 2nd pass.

It was a pattern for making sheep for an edging. Sheep was about an inch long working #10 thread. I made a 2nd one using cotton (peaches & cream) using a larger hook and made the pattern into a stuffed animal about 8".