Figured it out thanks


I’m not totally sure, but it looks like the lace pattern is done over a 10 stitch repeat, so if not 40, then 50. Seems like top-down socks follow a certain percentage pattern. Like, the heel flap is worked over 1/2 number of stitches of cast on, so over 25 if you do 50. Then as many rows as stitches, so worked for 25 rows. Then generally something around 1/2 as many stitches to pick up on each side of the gusset as there are stitches in your heel flap, so 12 or 13. This will mess with the instep, I bet, because instep is generally worked over 1/2 number of stitches as what was CO. In the original pattern, 20 is half of 40 and 20 is still a multiple of 10, so no problem. But your half will be 25, which will not be a multiple. You could maybe work a border of something else over those extra sts and work the lace pattern over the center 20? Like add one extra stitch to the instep and have 26 and work something on the 3 stitches on the edges of the instep?

You can’t go up gauge-wise? Or use smaller needles and/or yarn such that 60 sts would be okay?

Thank you for answering me soo quickly :hug: what size needles would I have to use do you think to use 60 st cast on to make the pattern work I still want to use a worsted weight yarn

Hmm, maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to get up to 60 stitches with worsted. Could you go up so you could use the original 40?

got it thanks