Figure it out please

I am a new knitter and still learning about knitting. Please, lecture me my questions …

First question is I started to knit 20 cast on for woman scarf then it would be more than 80 now so it is hard to move since full of knit stitch on neddle. ::?

Second is my knitting is not going straight like scarf. it looks curl or steps. ::?

If you started with 20 and the scarf is supposed to stay straight, then you should still have 20. Somewhere along the way you’re adding stitches. There is a ‘sticky’ about unwanted extra stitches.

Often, if you’re knitting every row, the error comes in at the first stitch. It gets kind of wrapped around the needle so appears to be 2 stitches instead of 1. If you knit 2 into it, you’ll increase.

Make sure the yarn is hanging straight down and look for he single stitch.

When you can post a picture, we can be of more help if this doesn’t help the problem.

Here are two videos that may help. One shows you the extra stitch at the beginning of the row and how to avoid it. Another technique is to slip just the [I]first[/I] stitch in the row. This will give you a pretty chain of sts at the edge of your scarf.

Also if you are knitting stockinette, it curls, it is just the nature of the beast.

Thank U all so much … I will try to fix … :knitting: