Figure 8 CO for ML

Every tutorial I find on figure 8 for ML has the knitter pulling out the front needle ad knitting the stitches on the back needle. I knit in ML by pulling out the back needle and knitting the stitches on the front needle. I know that this should be a no brainer as far as reversing instructions, but my brain just isn’t going there (especially since this is my first time using figure 8). Does anyone know of a tutorial for the way I knit ML to show me a good figure 8? Thanks in advance! :eyes:

I usually cast on as they say, then just flip the needles. I don’t use the figure 8 though, the magic cast-on is much easier to work with after than the figure 8 one. I should say that the first few times I used these methods, I knit the first few rows as they said (knitting on back needle), and then on 3rd or so row flipped the needles to be knitting on the front needle.

I wondered about this, too, when I used the figure-eight and magic cast on. I think they just like confusing us!

This is how I learned to do toe up on DPNs. I do not like it nor do I care for it. Knit Picks had a toe up tutorial that is much easier or at least from reading it is.