Figure 8 cast on in Silver's 2 circ sock tut

HELP! Pretty please

I’d love to try toe up socks, and did my first w/her dpn tut.

I am stuck at cast on :whoosh:

Basically, I have cast on 12 on each needle. Started w/slip knot on top, first stitch on cable of needle 2, next stitch on needle part of needle 1. All the way up to 24 total, 12 on each. The LAST stitch cast on is just a loop around the needle of needle one. BUT when I look at the fist pic on the next page Silver has a loop on the cable that looks, to me, to be “ahead” so to speak, instead of mine, which is “behind” and I can’t figure out how to knit into my forwards loop that is on my needle 1.

Whatta I do?

Well, i ignored the idea in my head that I was “wrong” and just started knitting - 12 stitches on each needle after dropping the slip knot, and I’m just gonna hope it’s right - looks ok so far!

Hope it’s going ok! I’m doing that tutorial too and my knitting didn’t always look exactly like the pics :doh: But I’ve got one wearable sock and am nearly finished my second one!

Don’t worry, you can do it! :cheering:

Here’s another view of the cast on for toe up socks. It’s a little different than Silver’s because it wraps around the tip of both needles instead of the tip and the cable but it’s essentially the same – maybe it will help you see the cast on better.

Hope this helps!

Thanks all!

It worked! I finished the toe increases, picked a cool slip stitch cable, and am a few rounds into the foot :woot:

That second version that uses the tail and working yarn is nifty, too - same idea, different technique (which I am loving about knitting, so many ways to do things)