Figure 8 cast on for 2 socks at one time on ML

I’m trying to use this method ro cast on for these socks

Once i have the correct number of stitches on the needle ( in this case 12 on the top needle and 11 on the bottomm needle per the pattern) do I start the knitting with the bottom needle, knitting the stitches on the top needle, or do I need another needle to start, then transfer to the needles I’ll be using? I’m sure I’m thinking this to death and it is obvious to everyone else. :?? :??

I recommend the turkish cast on instead. It’s really easy, and the tutorial is specifically written for two-at-once socks on ML. Great pictures with step-by-step instructions. The results are beautiful, too.

P.S. To avoid a loose cast-on row that has to be adjusted later, instead of wrapping around both needles when you’re casting on, pull the bottom needle out a bit so that you’re wrapping around the top needle and the cord. Since the cord not as thick as a needle, the cast on will be a bit tighter.

Jane, thanks so much. That is much easier. Just one more question: For a rounded toe, should i cast on 12, the number indicated in the pattern for the figure 8 or 1/2 of that number. I think 12, but want to be sure. thanks again for such a quick answer.