Fier island and intartia knitting and crocher

I would like to find instructions online for doing fier island and intartia knitting. I watched how to do it on PBS but would like to have instructions for them.

Amy has video on both in the Advanced techniques videos under Color Knitting.

If you Google the techniques, there are other sites that specialize in those, as well.

Who is Amy

Amy and Sheldon are the founders of In the main section of the site, under “view videos” there are lots of great videos made by Amy showing a wide range of techniques, Fair Isle and Intarsia knitting among them.

I’ve learned so much from the videos and hope you enjoy and benefit from them, too!

Happy knitting, :knitting:

Ruthie :slight_smile:

Now you know “The Great and Powerful Amy.”

Well, it sounds more impressive when I say it in my deap and dramatic male voice. :wink:

She does a wonderful job with those videos showing [B][U]Stranding and Intarsia[/U][/B]. (she calls it fair isle in the video but she corrects herself in the notes beside the video.) I’ve made that a link to the page with the videos.

I’ve also seen a wonderful [B][U]two-handed fair isle[/U][/B] video on the philosophers wool website.

Now, what about the “and crochet” part? Well, there is also a [B][U]Crochet thread[/U][/B] on this forum. I don’t know if it would be call fair isle or intarsia when done in crochet, but there are two or more color crochet techiques that would be analogs of intarsia or of stranding.

If you seek crochet videos, then either [B][U]Nex Stitch[/U][/B] or [B][U]Hass Design[/U][/B] are the webpages to visit.