Fiddlehead Mittens

I got this pattern through Ravelry. Its designed so you can knit each repeat in a different contrasting color but I wanted to see what it looked like with just two. It also comes with instructions for lining but these were a Christmas present and I ran out of time. The recipient was very very happy with them nonetheless.

If you don’t belong to Ravelry you can buy the pattern here too.

I love your version–the pattern really stands out boldly. Excellent knitting!

Ooooh! I like them.

They look wonderful ! :slight_smile: Lovely work Jeremy!

Ohhhh I love those!!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Very nice!!:heart:

Very nice :inlove: !

:yay: WOW!! Great job.

They look wonderful.

those are gorgeous! Wish I was the lucky recipient :wink:

Beautiful! I love this pattern, and you did a lovely job with it.

Those are very cool! :thumbsup:

Very Nice! :thud:

Very nice, Jeremy, love the two color interpretation. Hope I get that bold someday.

:inlove: very pretty! Great job :thumbsup:


BEAUTIFUL!!! Love your version!

Wow - really great pattern, and I love that it is carried over to the thumb. That must have taken some concentration!:teehee: Great Job!:thumbsup:

I admire the thumb pattern too. :cheering: For some reason, thumbs and I are not best friends, and putting a pattern on them blows my mind!

Jeremy, you really are the king of two color knitting! Your stranding has perfect tension! :thumbsup: Great work! The mitts are FAB!