Fiddle players?

I play Celtic, Old Time, and Bluegrass fiddle and I was wondering if there’s anyone else who does. What genre of music and brand of instrument do you play? I have a pretty nice one that my Grandfather made for me…which is pretty special!

I don’t play, but always wanted to learn. But… I learned flute instead because fiddle was never an option. I mess around with guitar and keyboard, but I got a free guitar and my grandparents have keyboard instruments.
Your grandfather made you a fiddle? I’m so jealous.

Actually I play the violin, but I have never learned to fiddle - which is funny considering I live in central VA. I have played on and off since grade school and wish there were more oppotunities to play as an adult. My violin is quite old - it is one my grandmother learned to play on. I cannot remember the spelling of the name, but it was made in Paris and is slightly larger than a standard full size.

I want to take violin lessons after I pay off some debt. The teacher I talked to said that I could play some decent music in 1 1/2 to 2 years. I love the sound.