Fibre mixing?


I just found a sock pattern I am adoring right now, it calls for two balls/skeins in two separate colours. I have the perfect main colour, and in my stash I have the perfect contrast colour. However, these are two different makes of yarn. They are both fingering weight sock yarn, but I believe one is 100% wool while the other is a blend. (this is without running home to check :slight_smile: )

I was just wondering, will this make a diffence? I mean, will it make a difference when washing, or wearing or over time. I know the size won’t make a difference, and if it does, it will be very minor.

What are your thoughts??

i would not be too terribly concerned about this as long as the washing instructions are similar. however, if you REALLY wanted to be certain, I would make a couple little swatches in each yarn and launder them the same way, measure the gauge again after dry and ensure that they washed the same. When you say ‘blend,’ I am assuming it might have some nylon in it, as many sock yarns do, and that does provide a little more elasticity than 100% wool, so that really would be my only concern is that the gauge might differ slightly after washing.

hope it works out!

It may work out if you always make a point to handwash and block them so the wool doesn’t shrink.

Turns out…they were both the same material, with only 5% difference between them…Hazzah!