Fibonacci Top - completed

While not even close to perfect (missed pattern repeat on left breast), I am pretty happy with the final result. Next time, I would go a size up, but I can wear this comfortably and enjoy it as is.IMG_1163


Enjoy wearing the top. Nicely done!

Great work. I bet you’re pleased with it.
Do you like twin sets? I have always loved twin sets and don’t have any at the moment… I was just thinking this fib top would look great with a little bolero, or loose open front floaty cardigan, maybe in 2 colours with 1 colour being the same as the fib top. I’m always thinking about layers and cold arms, I live in the North West UK where we don’t get much hot weather but also I just love the effect of layers.

Anyway, I’m digressing, it looks lovely.

What’s next?

A twinset is a great idea - I will put it on my to-do list! My next project is a baby blanket for my very first grandchild who is due in March. This will be my middle daughter, Sally’s first (I have three daughters) and I am beyond excited!

Congrats on the expected grand baby, how exciting!

I finished the top I was knitting and have been co sidering a cardigan to make it into a twin set. I don’t think I have enough yarn for it though so will have to wait until the next yarn order.
Mine is 2 colour (I’ll post a pic when I get time) and I’m slowly contemplating how to use both colours in a cardy, which pattern would work well with, the colours, and go with the top etc etc…