Fibertrends Clogs- 1st timer

Hi- I know you all have done these, it seems like. So, I just got the pattern and WOW! It looks like a doozy. Anyways, my big question is…did any of you buy the suede sole? Did you like it? Do you think you need it, or it looks better? What is it like if you don’t use it?

Is there an old thread covering all this clog info somewhere? Thanks! Squish

Here is the loooooooooongggggg thread about the clogs, all 130+ pages of it. I’ve never used the suede soles on them, but you can use puffy fabric paint on the bottoms to prevent slipping. :smiley:

ETA: The pattern is overwhelming at first, but just take it one line at a time, and pay attention to it! It is really simple once you get the hang of what you are doing! :wink:

I didn’t use a sole or anything non slip. I like to sliiiide those last few feet to my destination. :wink: I haven’t found them too slippery, though.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I bought the suede soles- the one piece ones for my grandmother and BIL, and the 2-piece ones for my sister. I liked the 2-piece ones a lot better- I didn’t have to worry about felting the clogs to the exact size to fit the suede, there was less sewing involved, and I like the look of the “bumper” sole better, and you don’t see the bumper when you use the one piece suede.

We have all hardwood floors and I haven’t had a problem with mine being too slippery. EXCEPT on steps…but then I’ve slipped down the steps in bare feet. I am A HUGE klutz…so I can’t really say it was the slippers.

I think if you want to get the soles they’d be a great addition but people have also used puffy paint and craft silicone to make them less slippery. The soles would certainly look the best, but I dont’ think they’re really necessary unless you want a totally “professional” looking project. (really, I think they look awesome without it)