FIBERGIRL has 1000 Posts!

[size=7]CONGRATS FG!!![/size][color=darkred][/color]

:cheering: :happydance: :balloons:

[size=7]WOO HOO!!![/size] :cheering: :cheering:

Please tell me Joel that you weren’t stalking the forum WAITING for me to hit 1000 (I just did it like 5 minutes ago!)

Thank you all very much!! takes a bow

:roflhard: Didn’t you know that it’s his JOB!?


:happydance: :happydance:

:cheering: GO FG! :happydance: GO FG! :happydance: GO FG! :cheering:

LOL No… I was doing laundry and sporatically chatting and occasionally posting and happened to check the list to see where you were and you were at 1K so I went ahead and posted it.

Gratz FG!! Way to chat it up! :cheering: :cheering:

awesome! I’m on my way up there too, but not purposefully :slight_smile: :cheering:


:balloons: welcome to the Thousandaire Club!! I have to wonder how any of use ever get any knitting done when we are so busy chatting it up on here! Knit two; refresh one?


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: You always crack me up

Knitting done??? :shock: :rollseyes:

I think that is what I do! Knit 2 refresh 1, hah! Well, I actually get my knitting done when DH is on the good computer playing WoW. He even moved our old recliner into the office so that I can at least sit in the same room as him while he plays and I knit. It’s kinda nice so long as the dogs don’t try to play in there too.

:happydance: Go FiberGirl Go!!!

:balloons: Congrats!!

:cheering: Congrats Fibergirl!!