Fiber vs. Fiber?

so im trying to create leg-warmers for my sis as her christmas present and (:pray:) heard about before i bought the yarn. So the yarn called for in the pattern is 51% rayon and 49% wool.
Problem :gah: doesn’t hav any yarn with rayon in it. so what should i replace it with? i assume they picked that blend for a reason so what does rayon do? does it make it shiny? does it make it stretchy? does it give it texture?
after asking myself this i realized knowing what all major fibers were known for/picked for would b good to kno in case this came up in the future. i’v heard alpaca drapes, wool stretches and is warm, cashmere is very soft. anything else? :shrug:

For leg warmers the suggested yarn would allow some elasticity so that the warmers maintain a shape after wear and washing. They won’t get baggy and fall off in other words :slight_smile: Cotton tends to get baggy btw so you can add that to your list.

Rayon will often get a shine to it yes.

I would tend to purchase elsewhere and use the suggested yarn if possible for this sort of item. It has more than (just) 50% rayon so that’s a particular requirement and I would try and use another store however, if you can’t do that a polyester blend around the same level may be a reasonable alternative. So, look for 51% poly and 49% wool and look to see in the explanation of the yarn whether it talks about stretchiness being a quality of that yarn. If it says that it will probably do a good job for those warmers.