Fiber Trends Family Classic Slippers

I am knitting the slippers from Fiber trends, not the felted clogs. The pattern says you can knit in the round rather than seaming, so that is what I am doing. I am confused by the instructions for the cuff. I have knit the body of the slipper, and next it tells me to cast off and then pick up the stitches for the cuff. I am confused because I don’t understand why I can’t simply continue to knit the cuff, rather than casting off my stitches and then picking up stitches. What am I missing? Has anyone knit these and found this to be confusing as well? What did you do? Would it work to continue knitting and not cast off and pick up?

Maybe you pick up the sts in a different place than you cast off from?

It says in the row below, but I still don’t know if that is essential, and why. Would it really matter that much overall?

When a pattern has you cast off, say on a neckline, which you then pick up sts in, then that’s usually to make the neckline from stretching and sagging. It could be the same with these slippers. Go ahead and just keep knitting the cuff without binding off and finish them, then see how it looks. While you make the other one, you can decide if it’s going to work.

Thank you, suzeeq, that makes sense. I think you’re right that it needs some stiffness or extra support in this area, which is probably why it says to cast off and then pick up the stitches one row below. I have started doing it that way, and I can see that it makes a nice edge to the slipper. Never thought of that.