Fiber Trends Cog Help

I am a novice kniiter who has gotten stuck on the cuff portion of this pattern…I am having a terrible time understanding what it is I am to do…

The directions say to pick up stitches along the inside/ws (I’ve never picked up stiches before - I assume you use a new strand of yarn?) and then roll the cuff to the inside, purl side out… if I do that, I’ll have knit side out. Purl side is exposed only if I roll to the right side. Everything seems to make sense if I work on the right side so maybe I have my right side/ wrong side mixed up? And the big question, does it matter?

~the confused~

The pattern has you roll the cuff over, and the purl side should show. It’s possible that you knit it backwards, but as long as you do the other clog the same, it won’t make any difference.

When you pick up these stitches, you don’t have to pull through any yarn. Just put your needle in the stitches so you can knit them together with the cuff stitches.

Thanks for the advise! I don’t think I’ll have any problem being consistant in my error so both clogs will be the same :star:

~~ the less confused