Fiber Trends Clogs

I just started my first clog, and I’ve already had to :frog: !! The clog starts with the inner sole, and I’m fine until I get to this part:

Begin upper part of clog: knit one row and mark as RS – do not turn.

Join into round: Bring the beginning of the last row up onto the point of left needle, place a marker on needle and knit one complete round, joining work at heel in the process.

Here’s what I don’t get: If I finish the row and don’t turn the working yarn is on the left needle. Normally you would need to flip it around so that the working yarn is coming form the right needle, join and continue knitting. What do they mean by “bring the beginning of the last row up onto the point of the left needle”? Are they talking about transfering a stitch from needle to needle? What would be the effect of not turning the work?

If it makes a difference, I knit continental style.


You’re knitting across the row and then joining that last stitch to the first stitch at the end of the left point. Your working yarn, when you finish knitting the row, should be on your right needle, having gone from the left needle to the right as you knit the row. Then the next stitch you knit will the the one to join in the round.

Have you seen the clogs thread in the KAL? :wink: