Fiber Trends Clogs

I am having trouble finding the Fiber Trends Pattern for the clogs to buy on line. My LYS doesn’t have it and the couple of places I went to on line are sold out? Any on line suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

HERE is a link to the pattern at

FREE SHIPPING! and it’s the new version of the pattern.

Thanks a lot! I too have been looking for this darn pattern and haven’t been able to find it. I wear socks in the house all the time and wear holes in them pretty fast so need a good clog to keep my feet warm yet give me something to walk around in.

NEW version?? What?!

Did they change it? Blasphemy!! :fingerwag:

YA. I first heard about it from kemp. it has some options for wider/narrower feet. what’s weird is that you cast on different numbers of stitches in the new version (compared to the old version). :shrug:

the best part is that it isn’t on that blue paper.

I have the new pattern for adults and the old pattern for children. I found that the new pattern is more clear with its directions and explanations. It is also on white paper. And, it has a picture of how to attach the outer sole to the inner sole.

I just ordered the pattern two days ago from another site. I had to pay for shipping.

I may just order this one too since its the “new” version and FREE shipping. :doh:

Well I just ordered them. So I’ll have two sets of patterns but I really wanted the easier one so I plan to use that one. I love the FREE shipping. :cheering:

Not that you needed to know that.