Fiber Trends Clogs-stitch count off

I"m working on the toe and instep shaping of the Fiber Trends clogs. In row 18 the pattern says I should I have 63 stitches. I have 62. I don’t think I can increase now because of all of the short rows, but I may be able to do so later. Is that what I should do or should I just start over. Also, I don’t know where I goofed so I don’t think I can replicate the error for the second clog. Any suggestions from the seasoned clog makers?

Take a pen and change the pattern to 62. :teehee:

One stitch will NOT make a difference in the pattern. It’s felted–even if you increased now, it wouldn’t show.

Or you can keep going, and you might end up with one stitch too few at the heel, if I remember where you end up correctly. Don’t sweat it.

Yes - what Ingrid said. It won’t make any difference when you felt them - ask me how I know:-) and the felting police do not exist. So don’t worry about one stitch.

I have made 4 pairs, and I always get 62 stitches instead of 63 just like you. We must be right !

Thank you all for your quick responses. I was afraid to keep going, but now I can knit away full steam ahead!

Oh yea knit away. I always fudge up the count on these. I usually just pop a extra stitch in anywhere I want.