Fiber Trends Clog pattern

I have finished my first clog, but I am confused about the “bumper”. I’ll bet I haven’t included that in my clogs and I am not about to go back and fix that. I’ll do it next set. Where else in the instructions did it mention how to create the bumper besides that last page where it says “to join with a bumper”. You input would be appreciated.


You knit a second sole and then follow the instructions for “with Bumper”

Basically you pick up stitches along the sole with your spare needle then knit the two soles together, then follow the bumper instructions.

I believe that’s where the bumper is created. “To join with a bumper” explains how to knit the additional rows to form the bumper.

Thanks, ladies. I’ll remember that for my next pair.

Here is my first pair of “Clogs” which was my test pair. I’m making 16 pairs for Christmas presents this year and wanted to make sure I could make them. This was my first project on circular needles, my first three needle bind-off and my first felting project.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: They look great!!

Momof4Greys: Did you include the “bumper” in yours? Yours turned out great. In fact the “before felting” version look perfect. What size did you make?

Dina, I love those!!! :inlove: :inlove:

I didn’t do the bumper, and they are a size 6.

They look great without the bumper!

I’ve only knit one pair, and I knit the bumper the wrong way… :blush: They still look fine to me, and my feet don’t care :smiley:

What does it look like with the bumper? Is it really alot different looking?

Well, here are mine. Mind you, the bumper is off a bit…

I love the colors. I don’t think the bumber looks off any, it looks great to me.
My little girl picked Tulip and Chambray as her colors and my other little girl picked Violet and Chambray. I can’t wait to see what they look like. I’m thinking I’ll make theirs last and make the others first since I have so many to make.

Ooh, those colors sound lovely! :inlove: You know, making the little ones first would be a good idea since they’d go so fast and would be good practice for when you tackle the bigger ones.