Fiber trend felted clog success!

Hi everyone!
I went to my local yarn store and the lady helped me figure out my problem with the ending for the felted clogs! I’ve made two sets already. The pattern is wonderful!! !If anyone was thinking about getting it i would strongly suggest it. Oh and let me know if i can help because i TOTALLY know how to make them:yay: YAAAAHOOOOOOO:woot:

:muah::woohoo::woot::yay: :mrgreen: Good for you! Now, we need photos!!! Love ya, Mary

I just cast on for my first clog. The first row was a bit touch and go but I think i may have figured it out. I am onto the second row. The whole W&T think was cool. I am sure I will have a question soon.

I am more than halfway through my second clog and so far so good! I think the hardest part for me was joining at the heel when I started the upper color (seemed quite loose and I ended up just weaving ends in later to fill gaps) and fastening the cuff (picked up the wrong color stitch and ended up with a striped effect inside) but it’s ok cause these are my first pair and they’re for ME!!!

If they look good after felting I’m planning on making them as gifts for everyone for Christmas…they knit up pretty fast!

They do knit up fast! I’m going to make them for everyone for xmas as well. I’ve been using that eyelash yarn around the top and it looks great! It must be the only good use for that awfull stuff. THANKS FOR THE PATTERN MARY!!! I’m over the moon! I’ve brought them in for everyone at work to see and they think i’m a knitting genius! I’d love to put pics up but i don’t know how…computer idiot. :slight_smile:

I had the same reaction when I made mine! I was laughing inside because they really aren’t that hard. But if people want to think we are knitting geniuses we should just let them!

Congrats on making your first pair!

If you’re smart enough to buy the pattern and the yarn and then actually do the work, [I][B]you are a knitting genius! [/B][/I] :yay:


Hi where do I get this pattern I am not being left out all you girls knitting clogs I want to be part of you gang!!!

Good for you!!! Ihey are such a quick and fun knit. My DH and I wear ours all the time, though I need to make him a new pair - he has worn a hole in the sole!

The pattern is by Fiber Trends AX33. And Here is the website so you can see who sells the pattern in the UK.

OK, so I finished clog #2 last night…they’re not perfect but hopefully some of that will wash out with felting. I did the bumper wrong somehow on the second clog, it doesn’t look exactly like the first. But these are just for me, and hey, I can always make myself another pair! :slight_smile:

Will take pics tonight and attempt to felt!

My second one is a little bit different too . i have the same hope of the perfect clog leaping from the washer. I’m on my FIFTH clog! Of course the first was a total waste and won’t be used but this pair that i just did is going to be great! I can’t wait to felt it. I just saw a usefull thread here about FEBREEZING your stuff to get that wierd wet wool smell out. I’m definetly going to do that. This is just so much fun. PAULINE you have to get this pattern! Quick question for anyone still reading this- do you guys let your felted stuff go thru the spin cycle? I did the other day and it didn’t seem to hurt it.

Hi psquidy
I want that pattern NOW!!!
Cant seen to find the pattern anywhere please help!

I haven’t felted before so it will be quiet an experience for me.

I felted last night and with the WOTA, it only took about 15 mins! I checked it after the first 10 mins and then stuck it back in for an extra 5. The felting happens really fast. Then I removed the clogs and rinsed in cold water in the sink.

The bumpers are different, but I think only I will notice. We’ll see once they’re dry if they feel any different on my feet! I can’t wait to wear them! Next up is ordering yarn for DH’s pair!

I have on accident and it only really affected one thing a bag. It got a weird wrinkle in it. I was later able to camouflage the wrinkle with a felted flower pin. For the clogs I remember letting them go through the spin cycle because I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to. It significantly cut down on my drying time! This summer I saw I can’t remember her name from fiber trends on Knitty Gritty and she said to let what ever she was felting to go through the spin cycle. So I guess the answer to the do you let it go through the spin cycle question is a it depends. Sorry I know that is about as clear as mud! lol!

Sory, forgot to say that no, I took them out prior to the spin cycle and rinsed them by hand in cold water in the sink. I’ll let you know how long it takes for them to dry!

:yay: Congratulations! I want to make the clogs someday.

These really aren’t too hard to do? Even for a fairly new knitter? Do you have had already made socks maybe? I get frustrated easily, LOL! I went ahead and ordered the pattern anyway. I can always get help if I need it I figure…

These were the first pattern I followed when I learned to knit, so they really are a good beginner project. You just need a little peace and quiet for the first pair!

I made a pair this weekend that were supposed to be for me, but I hadn’t felted with the yarn I used before, and they ended up fitting my husband perfectly – not a bad deal since it was a quicker knit then following his size! I’m working on my own pair now with quite a few different random ends of skeins I have around.

I have given a few pairs of these as gifts and everyone is always impressed. I don’t like the bumper on them though – I think they look better without, and it saves me a bit of time.

The pattern is only available to buy. If you search it online you can find websites that will sell it.

psquidy, I can’t wait to see pictures!