Fiber Trend Clogs, with a Bumper Help

I have made several pair, all without the bumper and thought I would try one with one. I am lost, just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. The pattern says to pick up the inside sole stitches, and place the working needles outside of the inside sole… if I knit them together, I have the two soles side by side, not on top of each other, with my stitches between the two soles. Will there be enough of the outside sole to fold over the working stitches and sew them together or will they come out lopsided? What am I not understanding? Thank you!

It sounds like you should be joining the two soles with a row or two for the bumper. Can you knit around one of the soles 1-2 rows and then join to the other sole and bind off at the same time with a 3-needle bind off? I haven’t done this pattern myself.Here’s a little information on the bumper that may help, maybe an alternative join.