Fiber Stash - OMG!

I recently updated my fiber purchases spreadsheet in Excel, and realized that I now have over 300 ounces of fiber for spinning in my craft room!!

I guess I should sit down and start spinning. :teehee:

Wait… you organize your fiber in Excel? If I did that I might have to face the fact that I don’t need any more fiber! ACK! :zombie:


Yes, I’ve been keeping a list in Excel since I started purchasing fiber, so I can see at a glance how much each fiber cost per ounce. That way, when I see a sale, I know for sure if it’s really a sale. :wink:

I’ve never looked at the total amount of fiber until this week. On a whim, I added the column of total ounces and was shocked! :oo:

Um…wow…i am guessing i have maybe 10 pounds or less of fiber. I don’t have much of a fiber stash…yarn is a different story…

I think I need to come visit you Carolina Red :eyebrow:

Well, if we’re talking pounds, I’m not that much ahead of you, my friend. My 300 ounces comes out to almost 19 pounds. :figureditout:

Yeah, but…the majority of mine is all merino.

I have two prize fibers…so luscious I can’t bring myself to spin it just yet…some super soft baby alpaca from my friend’s herd and the cashmere…the rest is merino and few bits and ends of various fibers.

I am sooo tired of merino. I just finished spinning mohair for a spin swap.
When I go to Earth Guild next month with all my kit wits (my knit group) then I’m going to splurge on fiber…fiber and more fiber (non-merino).

And I’ll splurge on yarn too as it will be the one time fall off the no yarn buying wagon.

Until then I’m spinning merino. Oh and I’ve got to spin up another skein for the swap…guess what it’ll be…yup merino…

I dream of going to Earth Guild.

How many goats is that in your pic?

I only have two in with my sheepies. The goats are the bosses, no question!

Gosh, I don’t know how many there are! I found that pic online, and I don’t know if I could ever find it again. I’ll try though!

:rofl: too cute!

Yup, I’m excited about EG. I don’t get up that way too often. It makes for a very nice treat.