Fiber question

I would like to make the “suit” in the spring 2007 Vogue Knitting. It is actually a strapless dress and jacket. The yarn called for is Lang Lyra 46%cotton, 54% silk. I would like to subsitute a different yarn, but want to make sure I don’t end up with a dress that stretches out and falls off.

I have been searching at and found and Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool which is a 50/50 merino/silk blend. Also Frogtree Pima Silk 85% Pima Cotton/15% silk.

Any suggestions which is a better route to go?


I would go with the second choice, because it has cotton in it, as does the yarn called for.

I agree with Contiknitter however I would be fairly wary with that kind of suit and original yarn requirement to vary it. I would be trying to locate a yarn that had cotton and silk (as we’re suggesting) but proportions closer to the original suggested yarn. A two piece item can often work out expensive to make so it’s perhaps worth shopping around a little more; particularly when the dress is strapless…??

I agree, I would try to find the yarn called for.

Webs can order the yarn for me, but it is $13/ball and I would have to order full bags of each color, leaving me with 5 extra and a $170 outfit. I’m going to keep searching. I ordered some of the FrogTree and am going to swatch as soon as it comes in. If the Frogtree doesn’t work out, I have another project I can use it for. Also going to look at some Debbie Bliss Stella which is 60% Silk/20% Rayon/20% Cotton.