Fiber Preferences/Opinions/Rants/Biases/Loves Wanted!

I’m conducting a research project for a marketing assignment, and you could really help me out! You get the opportunity to talk about your favorite products, and I’ll get some material for my ten page paper. Everybody wins!

Some of the questions I’m looking to answer are:


[li] If you could spin/knit/crochet with any fiber what would it be?
[li] If all fiber was priced the same, what would you purchase?
[li] What fiber do you think is the highest in demand?
[li] Do you feel there is a drastic shortage of a particular fiber?
[li] What would your dream/perfect/miracle fiber be (100% Merino, 50/50 yak silk, etc.)?

Anything helps!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!
I prefer wool and wool blends. Combinations that include silk, alpaca, cashmere all feel wonderful to knit with and to wear.

Good questions, I hope my answers don’t disappoint.

I tend to knit with acrylics most, as much of what I make is for gifts and the durability along with the ease of care makes it the best choice for me.

I would love to try the more expensive fibers, but don’t have the cash to spend on them.

I can’t wear wool, so working with it is out of the question for me. I did find some alpaca on sale, so am going to try working with it and see how it goes. It is supposed to be very warm as well, so hopefully I can wear and work with it.

Hard to tell what my ideal fiber would be, but if all fiber were priced the same I’d be happy to give more varied ones a try.

wool. merino, mohair, more merino…

I do like alpaca as well.
oh, and baby camel hair.
but wool, because its tough wearing, and lovely to work with.

I love the merino superwash Swish from Knit Picks. I have used it for my new grandson who was born in Feb. I used it to knit him a sweater to wear home from the hospital. I do not spin. My favorite is Knit picks Gloss lace weight 70% merino wool 30 % silk blend. I love the feel of it through my hands. I usually had to use mass market yarns like Red Heart before I found Knit Picks with superior yarn for about the same price.