Fiber Festival

OMG–I just found out that there’s going to be a fiber fest next weekend a little ways from my home! I had went into the library last week looking for knitting magazines, and the lady that works there is a member of a local spinning guild and told me about it! There’s going to be a bunch of vendors there, as well as sheep, angoras, llamas, alpacas, sheepdogs with trials. I told my husband about it–he’d rather stay home and watch the Buffalo/Miami game :hmm: Guess I can’t blame him, but I think I’m going to take my 2 guys with me (5 and 9)–they should have fun looking at the animals, as long as I get to look around at the yarn. Anyone know what I should plan on buying? a ball winder? alpaca? I can’t wait.

Sounds like fun :cheering: to me :cheering:
Amy (horve1) is going to one in her area today.

I’m going to one in a couple weekends and I plan on looking into buying a spindle and start trying to spin! Maybe some yarn will call out to me… :teehee: Even though any purchases I make are to celebrate my birthday, I’m still on a strict budget so I have to be very good! :pout: