Fiber Festival this weekend!

I"m excited!! :cheering: :cheering: This Sunday my dh and I are going to this Sheep and Woolcraft Festival!! I’ve never been to one before. So I’m not sure what to expect…other than yarn, yarn and more yarn. Can’t wait to see the spinners also. :happydance: :happydance:

That sounds like fun!

Well I just got back from this festival. It was almost two hours drive to get there.

I got to pet a lot of sheep!! I’m a city girl so I have no knowledge of sheep etc. But some were HUGE. The different breeds and all. Very cute. I thanked a few for giving us all wool!!

I got to SPIN! :cheering: There was a nice gentleman there and he was spinning and asked if I’d like to give it a try. I said of course!! It was fun. But I can see it would take practice to be relaxed at it.

I looked hard to add some yarn to my stash but the only thing I really wanted and bought was a box of expensive note cards with Fair Isle designs on them. :blush:

Nothing else really “got me”. I was a little disappointed :doh: that nothing really said “you just HAVE to buy me and take me home with you”. There was a lot of roving but I don’t use it so had to pass that all up. I hope they did well with their sales. With all the effort they put out.