Fiber Fest Reunion

Or maybe this is posting…I am so none tech.

I am an intermediate knitter…and an absolutely over the top fiber lover! I met people from this forum at a hotel in Algonquin Illinois where they were attending the midwest fiber and folk art fair in Crystal Lake. If any of you are here please reply. I met you late Saturday evening as you all were knitting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express at Bunker Hill.
I went to the fair on Sunday…thank you for the directions and it was a wonderful time!

Hi!! I remember you. :slight_smile: Glad you liked the Fair…did you get any good yarn?

Welcome! I remember seeing you. Glad you found your way to Fiber Fest and also to the forum. :thumbsup:

Hi!! I was there, too. (Dotmom?? Remember me? :mrgreen:) Anyway … I’m glad you found both us and the fair!! It was fabulous, wasn’t it?

If you need any help getting comfortable with the forum, please don’t be afraid to ask for help. We’re all very friendly here, and everyone loves to help!! :hug:

:waving: I was there too! I was the one that was likely swearing at the heel of my sock I was working on! :oops:

I so glad you joined the website and posted.

Me too, me too! :waving: Glad you found us!

:waving: I was there giving you directions until you got written ones!!

Welcome!! :heart:

:psst: [COLOR=Silver]She’s the one with the creative screen name.[/COLOR] :teehee:

Welcome to the forum! :waving: I remember you too, we chatted a couple of different times.

So glad you got to go to the Festival… what’d you get?

thank you so much for the wonderful welcome to the forum!
I am a slow learn on how to navigate this site…so please be patient with me:)
I did buy wonderful things at the fiber fair! Brooks Farms got most of my $
I did get a drop spindle and Navajo spindle and am going to give a try at hand spinning.
It was so nice to meet all of you wonderful knitters!
I will check in at the form daily!

I was there too! :waving: I was on the floor trying to finish re-reading Harry Potter book 6 so I could start book 7. :teehee:

I was there reading Harry Potter. :teehee:

love your Nietzsche quote!
enjoy the day!


Diann …

Are you from IL? There are several of us here that try to get together on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the IL thread in the Knitters Knear You forum. Usually, we’ll post there if we’re planning a get-together.

Hope you can make it sometime!

oh yay! I’m glad you found us! I was at the hotel too :teehee: Glad you had fun at the FiberFest. Brooks Farm got most of my money too :shifty: