Fiber Fest Finds

A few pics from the fiber fest I attended today. Didn’t get a whole lot purchased with 2 kids in tow, but it was fun nonetheless. The yarn is 100% wool I got at $1/oz. I’m thinking hat, scarves for the dark blue and Fetching w/scarf for my mom with the lime green. Very pretty stitch markers. Also have got to get some alpaca–it is so soft!!

Saw lots of spinning wheels, roving and the like, even saw silk worms and my son touched one (eew!)

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

I agree on the alpacas… cutie patooties indeed!

I recognize those alpacas…Hemlock? I was there today, too! :cheering: I touched the silk worm. It does not feel like it looks. :?eyebrow:

Hi Cate–nice to meet ya! Yep, it was Hemlock! Next year I’m definitely going without children (they were bored after the first hour). I just could not bring myself to touch that silkworm–reminded me of a big ol’ tomato worm. Did ya get anything there?

I was there! My DD loved it. She was excited about the animals. Didn’t buy anything. Stupid checking account, why can’t it spontaneously replenish? :grrr:

Nice haul! I love the colors of the yarns! The st markers are lovely!

Wow !!!

That first picture look like when I have brushed Mr. Snuggles the Persian Cat I have :roflhard:

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.

:hug: Sharon

I got this sock yarn, which took me 45 minutes to wind into a softball sized ball.

Wow that is sooooooo beautiful. I usually avoid those colours but it is fabulous!!!

I must not go to ebay to look for more wool of that colour…I must Not I must Not…

Maybe just a LOOK I wont buy anything :teehee:

:hug: Sharon

The colors reminded me of sunshine which is just what I need on my feet in icky Rochester winter! :cheering: