Fiber allergy related question

If someone is allregic to Soy when consumed, dose that mean they won’t be able to wear it?

I have some 70% wool 30% soy yarn. I have allready started knitting for sed person and i really hope she will be able to wear the fiber.


Food allergies and skin contact allergies tend to be completely different things.

Is it a surprise? Could you ask her?

At the end of May, I could probably tell you. (I’m taking graduate Immunology this semester.) Right now, I would have to say: ask her! If the garment will give her an allergic response, you’d be better off knowing now than when you’ve finished it.

Yeah, it is a suprise.

Actually I am knitting a pair of wool pants used for Cloth diapering. They are for a friend of mine’s daughter(baby) who is nursing. The mom cant eat soy because it bothers the baby in the milk. So I was not sure exactally if it would make the baby break out or not.

Thanks for the replies. I hope she can wear them!


I have lots of contact dermatitis problems. I can eat coconut (yummy) but can’t use any products containing coconut on my skin.

So I think the problem with soy food allergy versus soy on the skin is that it will be OK…she won’t get contact dermatitis from the yarn.