FFO(Finally Finished Object) Sunstar Tablecloth

WHEW!!! This baby is off the blocking bed!!! It measures 65" in diameter and is made from the pattern I designed. I used Valley Cotton Carpet Warp in Spectra Yellow…a 4 ply, heavy thread and 100% cotton… Ravelry Project Page

Yes, you read that right… Carpet Warp! It’s very soft and despite how it sounds, has not been trampled or imbedded with cat/dog hair or sand particles yet! LOL! It is actually 4 strands of size 8 thread, twisted together and it thicker than 5/2 but lighter than 3/2. Valley yarns produces it in a large variety of pretty colors and it’s inexpensive, knits well and blocks wonderfully… Can be ordered from Yarns.com(WEBS)

SUNSTAR (Available through Ravelry or Patternfish)
(shown in periwinkle and made into a Shawl)

That’s beautiful! I love the yellow!!


That’s beautiful, I hope no one spills on the table cloth!

Oh, me, too! I thought it would great for summertime eating…even into fall and spring! Appropriate for the pattern name as well.:muah:

We’ll just beat 'em with a wet noodle if they do!!! :hug:

These are magnificent, Mary! Superb to the Nth degree!

Thank you!!! :hug:

Thank you, too! I always feel like another child has left the nest when one of these is done…:pout: And on the other hand, those last 10-12 rounds have so many stitches that it’s a relief to see them off the needles! :woohoo:

Stunning! Simply stunning!

Thank you!

Wow, so pretty!!

Thanks!!! :muah:

I am drooling…

Where is my wet noodle??? LOL!!! :muah:

So pretty!

Thanks!!! :hug:

how cute …i liked both …thnks for sharing

Wow!!! Incredible!!! Superb! Fantastic!!! Great job!!

Thanks, Ladies!!! :muah: :hug: