FFO (FINALLY Finished Object) - Hermione Hat and Scarf

Hey guys! I finally finished my Hermione hat and scarf from the sixth Harry Potter movie!!!
:woohoo: :cheering: :yay:
I don’t think when I took on this ambitious project that I realized how tedious Fair Isle knitting can be…sheesh!

Just to remind you, I have attached a picture of what I was working from. Then I have attached my finished products. That’s my hat, scarf, and the gloves I made by incorporating the lace pattern of the hat into my glove pattern.

Would love to hear your thoughts!!! Now onto my next projects…a laced scarf like Rosalie’s from the Twilight movie and a slouch beret to match!

Very nice job! Your fair Isle looks spectacular, congrats on finnishing the set!

Thanks! This is the first time I have ever Fair Isle knitted!

Beautiful stuff! Haven’t tried Fair Isle yet! LOL!

Very nice! They look lovely!

Just curious about your name… I can understand not want to be called Nymphadora, but your name says DontCallMeDora, too. Is your name Dora?

It’s actually a line from one of my favorite characters in the HP books…my name is nothing close to Nymphadora…but it is as long and mispronounced as often, so I feel for her…lol.

Wow, they turned out great! Love the scarf!!

You did an incredible job!

Lovely set!

Absolutely incredible!!! GREAT JOB!

Very nice work! I like a knitter that sticks-to-it and gets-it-done! Yay! Wonderful!

you did great!! I can’t wait to try it :slight_smile:

Those turned out awesome! I have never done a fair Isle scarf - I’ve done it in the round on hats though. Your scarf looks beautiful.

They turned out great! I’ve been itching to make that scarf :slight_smile: