Fettuccini yarn

I bought ALOT of Fettuccini yarn by LB at a store close out. Has anyone ever knit anything with it? When I check LB site, the references are mainly scarves.


I’ve only eaten Fettucini. :think:

With Alfredo sauce.

I can’t offer you any patterns for Fettuccini yarn (which I love, BTW), but I knit the Speed Demon scarf and it came out so huge I’ve been using it as a shawl and as a sort of shrug – I drape it over my shoulders and then wrap the ends around my arms! :eyes:

I think this yarn would make a very soft, comfy afghan.

ha ha ha u r funny:roflhard:

Mmmm fettucini…

Oh sorry…I’m hungry and I got sidetracked! :shifty: I’ve never heard of it before in yarn. :think:

As fettucine is considered a super bulky yarn you simply need to look for patterns that accommodate this. It may however tend to lend to scarves and shawls etc but there are patterns around for sweaters etc with this sort of yarn size.