Fetching Thumb

Okay I’m losing my patience. I’m almost done with my left glove and all I have left to do is pick up the stitches for the thumb. However I have no idea if I’m even picking up the stitches correctly:cry: I’m seriously on the verge of tears here. When I’ve picked up the stitches according to the directions I’ve ended up w/ 7 and 8 stitches on each needle instead of 6 and 7. I’ve tried reading all the posts and the KAL but those weren’t any help to me. If anyone could give me w/ step by step instructions (w/ pictures, b/c those always help) it would be amazing and you would be my new best friend.

Thank you to whoever read this post and has any help to offer.

If you end up with one or two too many, don’t worry about it. I usually pick up a few extra for the thumb to avoid holes. You can knit two together on the first round to close up any gaps.

I did what Ingrid said. I had weird numbers and picked up another one or two to try to prevent the holes. I think I had 19 instead of 17, and it worked out fine.

I do the same thing - I don’t think the knitting police will count :slight_smile:

Have fun