Fetching question?

Seeing so many pretty Fetchings here has really made me want to knit some! So, I got myself over to Knitty to look, and I see that the pattern is one size.

I have really small hands and wrists–like, child small.

I also have never done cabling before, except in a swatch, just to try it.

So, my question is, to make them smaller, do I CO fewer, by a multiple of the number of stitches in the cable? And, is this going to make it MUCH more complicated? I’m a sort of beginning-intermediate knitter.


Casting on fewer would probably disrupt the pattern. You could try knitting at a tighter gauge ie. with a smaller needle.

I think you need to be a little more specific about your question if you want a good answer; what exactly is the pattern for? if your project involves working to a specific size, and what exactly is that size?

I have modified many sweater patterns to customize for the recipient; sleeve length, cuff size, cuff length, body length, etc. This can be done but need more info.

This is the pattern that she is referring to.

Thanks, knitqueen!

I should have included the link in my original post, but I don’t know how to make those cute links out of text, and I didn’t want to have to include a really long URL.

Using a smaller needle size might just be the answer. I would certainly be easier than math! :wink:

Well there are a few possible solutions; here is one.

Measure your wrist and compare it with the measurement (circumference) given in the pattern for the finished cuff. Then use whatever needle size that will yield the gauge you need. i.e. if you need the circumference to be 1/2" smaller, then use whatever needle size that will give you 1/2" less than the gauge stated with the same # of stitches; 45 sts = 6 1/2". This should take care of the wrist dimension HOWEVER, this will make ALL finished dimensions smaller; the length and size of thumb and finger openings… You could add some rows to the pattern to compensate for the reduction in length. But, if your hands are truly small, you might find this overall size reduction a better overall fit.

Also, using a yarn that has some stretch will allow you to reduce the pattern size but have a snug fit that will retain its shape well.

Alice, I have really small hands and wrists, and Fetching in Lion Brand worsted WoolEase with size 6 needles fit me just fine. Between the 4x1
"ribbing" and the cables, the gloves have a good deal of elasticity.

Oh, good to know, psammeadred!

thanks for the help, all!