Fetching mitts with short rows for better fit

I’ve been making a few pair of fingerless mitts and have noticed that when the back of the hand seems to fit just right, when you turn your hand over the palm is not covered very well. So I thought maybe some short rows could fix this. Here is my effort.

These are basically a Fetching mitt with a few changes in the cast on, bind off and the short rows. This picture shows the back of the mitt with the short rows extending.

This shows the mitt when off from the palm side.

And here are pictures of the back and palm sides as worn.

I think the short rows help and I’m working on some more using this idea.

Great idea, those look fantastic and they fit really well! Congrats!

Very clever!! :thumbsup: They look great!

You’ll have to put out a pattern for the rest of us!

:thumbsup: Great idea!

Yeah, I noticed that too, but didn’t know how to fix it. Great work!!!

:thumbsup: They look great and what a great idea!!

I haven’t looked at the nearly 5000 pair of these on Ravelry, but of the ones I’ve seen, I [I]really[/I] like yours. I like the straight ribbing by the finger end vs. the twist. It looks less bulky–and well, less “arthritic”!! My knuckles look gnarled enough, I don’t need that twist there to make it worse!

Really a great job, thanks for sharing your changes

They look great and I really like the colour.

Oooh very nice! Can you post the pattern, please?

This is based on a Fetching mitt form Knitty. Here is a link to that.

I may be able to set out how I did these. I’ll work on it and post it in the patterns section. I think I should have done the short rows before I began the ribbing, but this was my first attempt and I didn’t do that.

Clever idea! They look great.