Fetching Help

Hello everyone. I’ve new to knitting (began in February of 06) and to this fourm. I have a question. I’m knitting the Fetching gloves from knitty.com. I have completed the part of the pattern after the first two cables. The next direction is “Repeat these 6 rounds once more”. What should I repeat, the 4x1 rib? Help :wall:

Repeat these rounds:

Cable Round: [C4B, p1] to end.

Work 5 rounds in 4x1 Rib.

Here are the instructions from the pattern (I think this what you are asking about):

[color=blue]Cable Round: [C4B, p1] to end.

Work 5 rounds in 4x1 Rib.

Work Cable Round.

Repeat these 6 rounds once more.[/color]

The first line of instructions above gives you the directions for the Cable Round.

What the pattern is saying is that you are supposed to repeat the 5 rounds of the 4x1 rib and then the Cable Round. (5 rounds + 1 round = 6 rounds).

Then move on to the next set of instructions.

Hope this helps!

Also, if you have questions, there is a Knit along here too! They have been terribly chatty so I bet there is good info in that thread! :thumbsup:

Thank you ladies, Everything is clear now. :cheering:

[size=3][size=18][color=green]I’m so happy! :happydance: I have completed the left fetching and I’m starting the right. I’ll post a pic (in the proper area) when it’s completed. Again, thank you ladies. :muah: [/color][/size][/size]