I’ve been asked to take some of my knitted projects to sell at a festival coming up in November. Have any of you ever done this and if so, any tips and/or advice would be appreciated! I thought that if I should decide to do this, it may be wise to have some business cards/hangtags printed for my items but have no idea of a source for this sort of thing.


You can go to any office supply store and get business cards to print on your own printer. DH does this and you can’t tell that they’re homemade. I think you could also have them done at Kinko’s.

You could get a rubber stamp or have one made. I had this done at Office Max. You just take your design in on paper and they turn it into a stamp. Then you could stamp your hangtags and/or business cards. Good luck!

Joyce -
I’ve done festivals where I’ve sold hand stamped cards and gift things, like handmade baby bibs. Its important to have your booth look nice to attract people. Have a great display, a nice table cloth. Lots for them to look at. You want people to stop and really have to look through your booth, cause other people will see the first people looking and thing “Hey, there are a lot of people over there. It must be good stuff. Let’s look!”

Definitely have tags made for your items. What I did was just to make business cards, and to use them as tags I punched a hole and attached with thread or yarn. Use some for tags and some as business cards to pass out, and you don’t have to make 2 different items. If you’re comfortable with the computer, you can just buy the precut business card sheets and do them yourself. You can also use cardstock from the scrapbook store if you want nice colors of paper. Then just cut to the size you want.

Keep us updated on what you decide to do. I love going to these festivals. Maybe I’ll have to come check you out! :wink: (And bring some baby bibs to sell! I have lots! LOL!)

My sister and I used to do these shows w/our tole painted goods all the time. I made up our business cards w/colored card stock and then cut them out w/pinking shears to give them an interesting shape.

Someone mentioned the store bought blanks for business cards and I have to agree that you can’t tell that they were made at home. The perforated edge is so fine you can barely feel it.

Good luck!