Festival Shawl

I am seriously looking for the Festival Shawl kit or the pattern. I have made a lot of tries and it seems that the kit is no longer available and the designer has retired. :crying:

I found this on the yarn harlot’s site last paragraph before comments start… http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2004/02/13/_pd_day.html

its not on the site that she mentions but then the blog entry is rather old… do you know the designer’s name or checked ebay? :thumbsup: Good Luck

ETA: I can’t even find a picture of it :lol: now my curiosity is up… I also browsed e-bay thinking maybe someone would sell the pattern long shot I know… but couldn’t come up with it that way either…

I saw the Yarn Harlot comment, but it was from 2004 so I figured it was unlikely that the store had any left. :thinking:

yeah it is old but thought maybe it would have something in there that could be used :lol: although I missed it when I first read it but Margaret Hass is the designer prolly a long shot but you could call her shop and ask if she just sells the pattern now or if there is somewhere you could find it…