Fern forest hat pattern Lion Brand

L70286 #
I am knitting this hat & have a problem with this particular round

Rnd 1 : * K2 tog. ( k1 , p1 )twice * repeat from * around & you have 50 stitches left.
I am beginning with 60 stitches & can’t end up with 50…have 46 instead. What am I doing wrong…
Help would be greatly appreciated.

Somehow you’ve decreased by 14 rather than 10 - I drew out 60 stitches in my notebook and crossed out the k2togs following the round you typed, counting them as one stitch when I added up what was left and I did get 50. Maybe you missed a k1, p1 or two? It’s easily done!

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I agree it should work. If all else fails you can place markers every 6 sts to be sure you’re working each repeat correctly. I hate when something like this happens to me and that’s what I’ve done.