Hi everyone sorry I haven’t been around lately, I’ve been busy doing a ton of things. I was wondering how do you felt something can children chew on felted knitting? I’m just cruious in general about felting how its done and stuff like that.

Hi Raven, Im new here, but thought this link might help since I was just reading up on it myself. Garter stitch seems to be a commonly used stitch for felting so perfect for a beginner, I imagine the only help the children would need is with the boiling water or the washing machine, which ever method you end up using.

Heres the thread on the forum I found the discussion in, which would be worth a quick sqiz too.


I love that boiled water method might try that ty!
No if I can find a pattern to make felted rings for kids to chew on…

Just realised you meant literally to chew, I thought you meant to begin on, Im assuming you have a teething baby. I hope someone can give you some feedback on that. The only thing I would be concerned about is fibres getting stuck in the throat, but if that was not an issue you would want non toxic wool, if there is any such thing. I hope you find what your looking for.

I’ve seen them for sale so I’m assuming theres a pattern out there.

Did you find your pattern Raven? Reading that thread inspired me, Im looking for a mobile (cell) phone felted cover pattern for my Galaxy S2, I’ve come across many but most are for smaller phones than mine, the search continues, or perhaps I’ll just get the confidence to alter a pattern to suit my phone.

Saddly after many hours on google I’ve found nothing. However I did find a blanket I’m going to cast on tonight and start. Maybe if the blanket knits up quick I’ll do one for my little girl too. lol isn’t that always the case go looking for one thing and end up on the other or is that just me lol. For a phone have thought about doing just the top half of a sock?

Ooh I hadnt thought of that, thats not a bad idea for the phone case.

I slammed my finger in the glass sliding door today so my knitting plans have gone askew for 24 hours, with spare time and no other plans I’ve spent that time searching for your teething ring pattern with just as much luck as you have had. I did however see one, which Im sure you would have come accross where the blog link didnt work. I found the orginal poster on Raverly and she was online about an hour ago. I pm’d her and asked her if she could share her pattern since her link didnt work. I’ll let you know if she replies.

for a phone case you could always use a soap sack the up to that is it would have a draw string. here’s the pattern to my very favorite soap sack.

Very easy and very simple once you get the hang of the drop stitches. I hope your finger is feeling better!