[B][I][COLOR=“Purple”]Dear friends , I am making a bunch of purses for my cousins as Christmas presents , and I had heard that felting was a good way to strengthen , and finish your purses . My only question was if you put it in the dryer after ? Thank you !:heart: [/COLOR][/I][/B]

I have yet to try felting anything, but from what I’ve read on the subject I believe that usually once you’ve felted your object in the washer you just lay it out to air dry into the finished shape/size (similar to if you were simply blocking an item). With a bag, I would think I would stand it up and stuff something inside to help it hold the shape I wanted. For example, maybe you have a shoe box or something similar that is the right size/shape? Something along those lines to force the bag to dry into the shape you want it.

Perhaps others with more felting experience will have further insights …??

You can, but I prefer to felt it to the size I want in the washer then shape it for drying. Sometimes the dryer can make it all wonky. I used a plastic bag covered cereal box. What you use for shaping depends on the size and shape you want for the finished bag.