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I’m a beginner in the world of knitting and I have never, ever, felted anything. I’ve seen some beautiful bags made by the nice people here and read discussions about which yarns felted nicely and which didn’t. But I was wondering, with such lovely yarns out there, why would anyone want to buy any of the fancy ones and felt them? I mean, doesn’t felt always look and feel pretty much the same? It seems so to me… Why not just buy cheap yarns that felt well for felting instead of using the nice ones that could go into elaborate sweaters or what not? Now, as I said, I’ve never felted anything but I would love to know what the pros might be for doing that to really nice yarns…

I don’t think many people here felt “nicer” wool. About the cheapest you can get is from www.knitpicks.com and a lot of people here use that.

Really? Because there were times that’s the impression I got :slight_smile: Are colors dulled in felting? Is the felt rougher or softer than the yarn originally used?

it depends on how soft your wool is as to how soft felted wool will be. like my first project that i felted was a Lopi (and very expensive :rollseyes: mistake ) wool and it was rough to begin with and i didn’t like it felted or unfelted. it was real scratchy. so that kind of dertered me from felting anymore but i loved the felted look. so i won some unknown wool off of ebay and it felted beautifully! so it really doesn’t depend on the cost just the type of wool you get. if its soft to begin with it will be after. like the booga bags…a lot of people use Noro (includeing me… i think casue the orginal pattern is made from Noro and it is self striping) which isn’t cheap, but its pretty. but you don’t have to use that. a lot people use WOTA from knitpicks! just depends on your taste and what you are knitting i guess!!! :wink:

I am knitting my first bag for felting. I bought my yarn from Knit Picks for $1.97 a skein which is way cheaper than I could get it at the LYS even on sale! I don’t think WOTA is soft enough for clothing, but it should be fine for a bag. Ideal choice for a first felting project!:happydance:

I kind of wondered the same thing at first, why anyone would spend all that money and time to mess it up with felting. I’ve done some research now and realize it’s just another craft and one that is suited well to knitters. Most people seem to just felt bags, clogs and the occasional hat and coaster. Hats are fine w/o it, but bags, clogs and coasters are improved because the felted fabric is nice and strong and pretty durable. It has a whole new look to it and is really beautiful!

It’s gonna take me forever to get the bag done, but it’s fun to watch it come together as I knit. :wink:

:thinking: well, maybe some of the noro stuff gave you that impression. You certainly can use a “nicer” wool to felt…as some have said…might depend on the project and the amount called for. Varigated or hand dyed wool tends to be more expensive but does look really good felted. As long as it’s in your budget, do what you like :thumbsup:

oh… and the colors won’t fade. if anyone said anything about colors fading my guess it was handdyed and wasn’t set. but i can’t imagine any store bought hand dyed yarn fading. unless the dyed it themselves and didn’t do it right. that wool i won on ebay was cream and i dyed it myself… here are i made with it and felted.

carmell I hadn’t see that yet! Very cute…is it a bowl?

its a kitty bed. i did this… hmmm i don’t remember… sometime over the summer

:roflhard: That was my next guess. It’s on my “list” too!

Oh that’s really nice! And yes, the colors are great :slight_smile: Well, that’s one of my fears that’s been dispelled :slight_smile:

Carmell!!! I love the kitty bed!!! Wish I had a kitty. :frowning: What did you use to dye that?

KOOL-AID!!! i don’t have a kitty either. i made if for my twin. Dh is allergic.

Very purty … was that just “Orange,” then?

Also, how much yarn do the Kitty Pi’s take. The kids’ piano teacher has three cats that are basically her kids – she doesn’t have children of her own – and that would be the coolest gift to give her, especially if the kids dyed the yarn for them.

Edit: I just Googled the Kitty Pi bed pattern – not an unreasonable amount of yarn!! On, and here’s the link for anyone else who’s interested.

Those beds are precious!!! I might have to put that on my list for a future project! :XX: :roflhard:

You people get sidetracked so easily :roflhard:

That being said…
Carmell, When you felt things and have that furry edge is that fun fur? And do you knit the fun fur before felting or do you add it after? I love that look!

(I would say that this thread is hopelessly hijacked. :roflhard:

I used the Noro for my Booga bag. It was expensive, but I just could not resist the colors. :heart: :shock: :heart: Next time, I am definitely using less expensive yarn.

Hmm… a question about felting…

Can you only felt with natural fibers? Or can you use acrylic yarns too?

Acrylic can be washed and dried in machines. Good thing it doesn’t felt!

Wool and other natural fibers have little hairs that are natually attached to the strands. When you wash them in hot water with agitation, these little fiber cling to each other and get all tangled up which is what causes the felting.

Wool that is labeled ‘superwash’ has these fibers removed, which is why it won’t felt in the washing machine even though it’s natural.

Jenelle~ you can only felt natural fibers. no acrylic

mintdee~ its actually boa by Bernat (i think) and i knited it with the wool then felted

Dotmom~ it is orange with very bright pink stripes but they looked the same color. i can’t remember which koolaid did but i was not happy that they looked the same. it really wasn’t pink it kind of looked like reddish pink.