How long does it take to felt something (never done it), i swear I restarted my washing machine 4 times already, and my hat still looks the same except for a fact that its wet. :shrug:
Thank you in advance…

It depends ont he yarn and the washing machine i am afraid. Some times i can take a full cycle some times just half. Persevere though, there is point where it will go form looking like a soggy lump to suddenly felted. make sure it is on a good hot setting though! - no delicate cycle for this job!

This might seem like an obvious question, but it’s not superwash wool, is it? It won’t felt if so. Other than that, any animal fiber will felt eventually.

Thank you guys…Newbie2Knitting, I dont know lol. I threw away the label, all I remember its by red heart… But I actually gave up on it… 3 hours in a washing machine and there is no difference… Oh well it was my first “practice” hat anyways…:slight_smile:

Red Heart - that may well be your problem. All the Red Heart yarn I’ve ever seen has been cotton or acrylic. THey may have some wool yarns, I’m just not familar with any.

Yeah, most of the Red Heart stuff is acrylic, and you need an animal fibre for felting. Oh well, at least now you know! well done for the perseverance though :slight_smile:


What I found out is that I had to leave my knitted purse in the wash for the entire cycle. At first I did what the instructions say which is leave it in the wash cycle for 15 mins and check then repeat. I found out that didn’t work. Sometimes I have to do 1 1/2 wash cycles. That was for a purse 12 inch x 9 done in garter stitch.

Well that makes sense I guess, I’m still too much of a newbie to tell a difference :slight_smile:

Only animal fibers will felt.
Sometimes, they are called “protein fibers”.
So, if the yarn is made from animal hair, it will felt. (unless it’s been treated to be a “superwash” yarn)

Man made fibers will [U]not[/U] felt.